• Join the Club!

    The perfect gift for any film fantatic, treat yourself to a luxury cinema experience like no other and join our community of members. There's three tiers to our membership with each tier offering new and improved benefits including; free tickets, discounted tickets, priority booking and 10% discount on drinks and snacks.

  • Debut

    A great introduction to The Northern Light experience, for the casual film lover. This low cost membership package offers free tickets, a £1 discount on future bookings and our priority booking service, all without breaking the bank!

  • Blockbuster

    Upgrade your membership package with a little added sprinkle of luxury, our Blockbuster package is the perfect membership deal for all you die hard film fans. As well as free tickets and priority booking you get a £2 disount on bookings, a free bottle of prosecco on your first visit and our bi-monthly brochure sent out in the post.

  • Auteur

    Are you a film obsessive? Do you have film running through your veins? Then our Auteur package is the ultimate indulgence that takes care of all your cinema needs for a full 12 months. Unlimited free tickets, discounts galore and a VIP booking service - we'll call you to reserve the seats you want on each of our bi-monthly programmes.


The Northern Light Cinema is committed to being a good neighbour and a part of the community. And that’s not just about the good folk of Wirksworth. It’s about the bigger family of friends and supporters and fellow film fanatics.

That’s why we want to make our Membership scheme the best around.

Choose from one of our three membership tiers:

Single £30.00/ Joint £50.00

  • 2 free tickets/ 4 free tickets
  • £1.00 discount on tickets thereafter
  • Priority booking
  • 2 free drinks

Single £60.00/ Joint £100.00

  • 4 free tickets/ 8 free tickets
  • £2.00 discount on tickets thereafter
  • Priority booking
  • 10% off drinks and snacks
  • Bottle of prosecco on first visit
  • Brochure sent in the post

Single £200.00/ Joint £400.00

  • An unlimited year of film
  • VIP booking, a personal phone call from our Cinema Manager
  • 10% off drinks and snacks
  • Bottle of prosecco on first visit
  • Brochure sent in the post

So if you’re interested in buying a membership, sign up here 

Membership will be for a full 12 months. You create your own Members Only secure login on application so keep it safe! Although we keep records of member details, your password is known only to you. (Although we can help you reset it, if you forget).

When you sign up, the price of membership will be added to your Basket. Once your payment has been received your account will be activated and you’ll be emailed a confirmation. Once you log-in as a member your free tickets and discount are then applied when you book tickets going forward. Any problems, give us a call.

Your membership card will be mailed to you within 7 days of your purchase, please provide this when purchasing tickets, food or snacks in the cinema for your discount to be applied.

Thank you!