Plan of Action

Let’s face it, the least six months haven’t been great for any of us. But if COVID19 has taught us anything, it’s the value of community and kindness. And if it is to have just one small glimmer of a positivity about it, it will be that we can do things differently.

So rather than dwell on the impact, we need to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and ask how it could be even better than before.

So we’ve devised a plan of action. Rather than fight the virus with temporary band-aids, we’ll fundamentally change the experience to make sure it’s COVID19 safe, but also still a great night out.

We’ll reveal more in the coming weeks as well as news of funding bids and some pretty exciting upcoming collaborations.

Paul, Esther and The Northern Light Team


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Thank You

Our three outdoor screenings have proved a great success and have achieved the main goal of securing the jobs of our cinema staff, at least until Christmas. A special thank you to Wardmans LTDS for allowing us to use Haarlem Mill as a venue, the Curve Design & Build for the screen, Liam Barkley-Smith for the sound, Jo & Rob of the Feather Star for the AMAZING table service, Sunshine Pizzas for knocking out over 150+ each night and especially to all our FANTASTIC volunteers, who guided, delivered, directed, supported, advised, tidied, projected, welcomed and sanitised with smiles on their faces. Thank you again.

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